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Travel Writing
Finding Home
When you walk into someone’s house whether it be a neighbor, family member, friend or business associate we
are always told, “make yourself at home”. We look around as to where we should put our coat and we wonder if
weshould take off our shoes. The feeling of “home” doesn’t come upon us often but I can guarantee you’ll feel
at home when you walk into The Lions Fountain. An Irish pub located in the center of Florence, Italy.

Walking into the pub your overwhelmed by the scribbled writing that covers the walls, the American college t-
shirts hung to the ceiling and the decorations that cover every inch that is left untouched by memories. You’ll

find your eyes wandering and maybe you’ll be confused but let me tell you that the scribbles and t-shirts they
aren’t for looks. They give history, character and most of all the memories of us students who study here all
As a student we look for a place to call our home away from home, like I said, you’ll find it at The Lions
Fountain. The bartenders get to know you, they remember your name and pick on you like family does. Those
who work at Lionsaccept you for who you are even after you’ve had a little much to drink. They welcome you
with open arms and make sure you have a good time.
The bartenders have helped me with homework, worked on practicing my Italian with me and most of all cared
about me. I know if I needed someone or somewhere to go I would call them. Walking into Lions my first week
here was what changed my experience while studying abroad. It gave me a feeling of familiarity.
But it isn’t just for students, anyone any shape or size could come into Lions and feel comfortable.
With the karaoke nights, dollar night and the plenty of other events throughout the year it can be a place that
everyone can call home. However, the pub does offer more than just your drunken’ bar stool. Order a bagel, a
burger or even a coffee. Order any of those your way, just how you like them.
Going back to the bar stools…make sure you get a punch card because for every mixed drink or beer you get a
star and after twenty you can be the proud new owner of a t-shirt. I mean come on, I know everyone out there
loves t-shirts…deny it all you want but it’s the one article of clothing that you can never have to many of. You
can also buy Lions Fountain beer glasses for only 3 euro which willcertainty remind you of your time there. The
memory of the night you bought it will forever remain in your head whether you’re a local or a traveler.
Let The Lions Fountain fill your head with memories and give you a place to call home.

Samantha Loochtan